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updated wed 15 nov 00


email@DOMAIN.COM on tue 14 nov 00

Dear Clayart,
If you still have any ideas
for NCECA Connections or
Topical Discussions,
especially connections please
get them to Mary Cay at: .

NCECA still has opening for
discussion groups for the 1999
conference in Charlotte. These
sessions called Topical
Discussions and NCECA
Connections are designed for
individual members or
particular groups with common
interests who would like to
discuss pertinent issues and
ideas in an informal setting.
We welcome proposals for group
discussions through January
15, as space is still
available for several more
groups. The discussion format
is a great way to present your
interests and make valuable
personal connections. Group
leaders have derived a great
deal of satisfaction from
their involvement in this
segment of the conference
which generates so much
interest through informally
shared concerns and ideas. As
a Group Leader, you would
briefly introduce the topic,
get the discussion going, and
facilitate the proceedings,
assuring that everyone
participates and that the
discussion is not dominated by
one or two persons.
While there is no honorarium
or other compensation for
leading the Discussion group,
you will be recognized in the
Conference schedule as a
Discussion Leader. It may be
possible to receive support
from your institution or
community as a participant in
the National Conference. If
you would like to have your
proposal considered, please
contact me, as the
co-ordinator of the
Discussions session ASAP.

Louis Katz