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bison' at nceca : reply from 'bison

updated sat 18 nov 00


Philip Poburka on fri 17 nov 00


Well, I am flattered to find me Tools being wondered of some little bit, as
to whether they'll be at NCECA,(with meself in attendance).

For now, the answer is 'no': No NCECA for a while.

Should anyone be strongly curious to examine or 'try' one, and should they
not have recourse to a Friend or Fellow to whom they may appeal, I would
gladly offer the following:

For those interested Potters, I would happily send a Tool,
upon written application, for you to 'try', for a few days, or a week, or a
week and a half or something, and if it pleases you then you may buy it, and
if it fail to please, you ought send it back.

I should ask that you include your address, and also your 'phone number.

'Catalogues' (or, with apology in advance,'XEROX'copies OF them -'still'-
for 'now',)may be easily had by request, with a 'phone call, 'e-mail' or

I very much loved the NCECAs in which I had been an Exhibitor, and will
sorely continue to miss them...or moreso, will I miss meeting the Potters
with whom I have spoken over the years on the 'phone, and as well, those who
are new to me. I was allways thrilled to 'be there'.



Philip Poburka

Telephone: (702)388-2891 - anytime, (tho' do leave a 'message' if I happen
not to answer!)

Address: BISON STUDIOS - 1409 South Commerce Street - Las Vegas, Nevada -