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human ash glaze:kremer

updated sat 18 nov 00


Keiko Suga & Noel Oard Mapstead on thu 16 nov 00


when you applied the human bone ash as a spray, what was the ash mesh? did you add any binder? what was your method?

thanks, noel oard mapstead

John Kremer wrote:

> CLAYART Digest - 14 Nov 2000 to 15 Nov 2000 (#2000-183)Bill,
> I used Human ash, but not as a major component. I sprayed a thin ash layer over the vessel in question then dipped the vessel in a glaze of choice. I didn't notice any major change in the desired affect and this way everyone got a pot in the style/color they wanted knowing that their loved one was an integral part of each piece.
> Good Luck.
> John Kremer
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