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outdoor tile installation

updated mon 20 nov 00


MLL7777@AOL.COM on fri 17 nov 00

Hi all.............

I'm hoping someone will be interested in talking me through this. I've
researched the archives but need alittle more help

the handmade tiles will be attached to brick outside.
please help me with these questions-

1. cone 6 white stoneware with grog - campbell's in Richmond, va or

2. glaze - want to buy pre-made - standard ceramic co ?????

3. how to attach to brick - ?????
beacon multi-bond
silicone caulking

4. does the grout need something added to it to protect it from the weather
or coat the entire project when it is done ????

this will be a chinese clay dragon made by about 60 second graders. they have
designed the image and will make the tiles - each dragon scale having a hand
print in it - yes - it will be very large. I have Frank Giorgini's Handmade
Tiles book. Is there another book I need?

The outdoor installation will be in our Japanese water garden - and yes, this
is a public school - (we were just awarded an art award from the piedmont
commission for the arts because we believe in total integration of art.)

thank you all for the information I have gleaned from clayart already.
if someone's interested in advising me - you can contact me off list.

Mary Lou

DeBorah Goletz on sun 19 nov 00

Mary Lou - make sure the clay body you choose is frost proof (less than 3%
absorbent) - check with your supplier. Make sure the glaze you choose can
withstand outdoor weather conditions (test it - boil then freeze - repeat -
use a loop to check for crazing). Get a good installer to recommend an
additive for the adhesive/grout etc. and also with information about
how the brick should be prepared prior to installation. I can't stress
enough, the importance of a top notch installation job. Your project sounds