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woodfire cookie mixture

updated sun 19 nov 00


Dave Murphy on fri 17 nov 00

Hi Fran:

The following is a short recipe that was given to me by John Baymore.

Apg fireclay=20
water (to taste)

Mix to desired consistency and dust in alulmina or kaolin. Knock off =
extra kaolin into a bucket. It is also a good sealing caulk for saggars =
and for leveling kiln furniture.

Barbara Murphy
Waterloo County Pottery
Waterloo Ontario

Lee Love on sat 18 nov 00

Here, we just use the light colored traditional Mashiko clay.
The same clay is used to make the big round plugs for the stoke holes. We
put alumina on the bottom of all the pots.

I just loaded my personal work for the first time into the oxidation
chamber of the noborigama. A half dozen peices. All the Deshi's work
goes on the floor. Because I used the Mashiko clay with an ochre slip, I
mostly used nuka and loaded all but one piece into the oxidation chamber.
Did a couple pieces in Mashiko Kaki: Nuka on the inside, limestone glaze
first layer on the outside, Sage (Copper) Nuka decoration with wax over it
and then a layer of Mashiko Kaki on the outside. The nice breaking
glaze between the Sage and the Mashiko is due to the use of wax resist.
Because of the limestone layer on the bottom, you sometimes get a little red
between the green and the kaki.

We start the pre-heat on the 23rd and should finish sometime on the

Lee Love
Mashiko JAPAN
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