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guild sale procedures

updated tue 21 nov 00


NCGHandmadeTile@AOL.COM on mon 20 nov 00

Hi, Our guild in Plymouth, Michigan started with that same procedure (which
I think was copied from the Ann Arbor Guild). Later we switched to inventory
sheets. Each item for sale is numbered and listed on the artist's inventory
sheets. These numbers correspond to the stickers on each item for sale. The
stickers include the artists initials/ code # / price. These sheets are
placed in a notebook with dividers. Each artist has their own divider. The
central table is assembly line fashion. One person to mark the inventory
sheet with a simple X as the work is sold. The work is then passed on to the
cashier who totals up the sale, and then we have one person who takes the
charges. At the end of the sale, the inventory sheets are added up.
Everyone checks their stock against their inventory sheets. We only
participate in one large art fair a year and have smaller sales the rest of
the year. So far this procedure has worked for us, though it is far from
perfect, we don't have to deal with a lot of little stickers.

Nancy G.