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guild sale tallies

updated tue 21 nov 00


Dave Murphy on mon 20 nov 00

Hi Judy:

I am the sale convenor of a relatively large guild here in Ontario and =
also a member of another guild in the same area. We use the central =
cash system you are familiar with but we use point of sales terminals =
and 20/20 machines rented from the bank. We rent 4 machines and three =
20/20s for our two annual sales. The bill for such equipment runs about =
8-9 hundred per sale $C. We used to use catalogue sheets like you =
describe, they were awful and cumbersome and we made lots of errors. =
Each potter has a code such as follows:

112 MUR

This goes on the sticker and the number is keyed in at the cash and then =
the price and up comes the letter code so that the cashier can check =
that the number is correct. We are then able to take Visa, Mastercard, =
Bankcard(debit) , cash and cheques and all info is in the till.

When you ring off the cash at the end of the day you have a tally for =
each potter under their code. Our sales have virtually doubled using =
this method and we would never go back. I know it sounds expensive to =
begin with but believe me it will be worth it. You can even include =
this new expense into the percentage that the guild takes until sales =
improve dramatically. Just think no more sheets to do. Some people =
intitially were afraid that missing pots and breakage would not be =
covered anymore but less mistakes were made and therefore these fears =
were overcome. I would be glad to give you more info if you wish to =
contact me off list.

Barbara Murphy