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woodfire wadding

updated tue 21 nov 00


matt brennecke on mon 20 nov 00

I know this is late, but I'm a little behind in my 'lurking'.
Dry fire clay, sawdust and water make a good wadding. Put the sawdust in a
container and cover it with water. Add fireclay and mix by hand until it
begins to stick together. It should be just sticky enough that it holds
together, but with a little poking, starts to fall apart. Just about
anything organic will work in place of sawdust, and the results will vary
Be sure that you place 'cookies' of wadding between pots without smearing
the fireclay onto the pots. It can and will stick if it doesn't have
enough organic material between it and the pots surface.

Fran Schwartz on mon 20 nov 00

Dear Clayarters,
Thank you all for your recipes for woodfire wadding.
You are always so generous with your knowledge..and it is greatly
Fran Schwartz