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, a piece of wood makes the whole thing!

updated wed 22 nov 00


Ababi Sharon on tue 21 nov 00

Last year, We had a discussion ,about tea pots, utilitarian, and un,,,, . I
took part in that thread.
After talking, I felt I should make at least one! I mean not only talk, but
also work. In a nervous restless country like mine, people don't drink tea,
least not as a ceremony.We drink coffee a lot, to be more nervous!
Well, I opened Richard Zakin's book, of hand forming, I printed from Mel's
site his Tea pot,looked at it, got some advises from Zakin's book and made
the first tea pot that did not arrive to the
trash can. Don't worry mel from a competition, at the most, see me as a
I bought and added a cane handle.
I tried before to make my own,did not succeed.
Without this handle,could be
A) a breakable handle, when breaks, you dump the whole piece.
B) This tea pot,no matter how hard you worked on, looks like a pot, that's
all, a piece of wood makes the whole thing!
Ababi Sharon
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From: "Michelle Moody"
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 2:43 PM
Subject: Re: shows/teapot handles.

> You could always fake it. I did a teapot in honor of my brother. It was a
> CAT Diesel Power hat with a used shot gun shell as the spout and a deer
> antler as the handle. All of it was handformed clay (no molds.) The
> part was getting the color and texture just right on the antler. Just a
> little shiny towards the ends and a little satiny toward the base. It
> out very nice and I sold it to a professor whose daughter works for Cat.
> was great fun making it too!
> > mel
> > home from the hunt....real food in the freezer, real meat. (not stamped
> > hormel) put that with real carrots, real potato(es) it is called food.
> > eat with real wine from a glass.
> > now have to figure out how to make a teapot handle from
> > deer horn.