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fabricating tile furniture

updated wed 22 nov 00


Cristpots@AOL.COM on tue 21 nov 00

I've been following the tile furniture thread and would really like to make
some pieces using the shaped blocks of Styrofoam. Mike Gordon posted that
after shaping the foam he covered it with fiberglass resin over fiberglass
mesh. So, how do you use fiberglass resin? Do you just brush it on to the
foam after covering it with the mesh? And do you hold the mesh on with
staples? Also, is this stuff dangerous to work with? And what types of
businesses sell the foam and fiberglass?

Beverly Crist, Los Angeles

Mike Gordon on tue 21 nov 00

Hi Beverly,
Tap plastics sell fiberglass supplies and will give directions on use.
Do it outside with LOTS of ventilation, wear heavy rubber gloves. Its
very sticky stuff you don't need staples, use a throw away brush, and
put a coat of resin down and the mesh over it, and another coat of
resin. Have a helper.Check the tellow pages for a styrofoam supplier.
Mike Gordon