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love handles- the video &carbon trap tale and question!

updated fri 24 nov 00


June Perry on thu 23 nov 00

Tony, that's great news. I guess the holiday spirit opened your purse for the
manicure, new outfit and hair appointment. :-)
I'm personally a visual person. Trying to figure out what they're doing from
that magazine article just isn't working for me! Often, print, how-to
articles will skip a step and it's usually an important one! :-(
On another note, I want to thank Tony and everyone else for their carbon trap
tips. I did some pieces with the Malcolm Davis red carbon trap, placed some
wax resist in selected areas. When the pots dried, I realized that the glaze
was probably too thin so I just re-dipped the teapot pot. I got the most
intriguing contrast of bright orange where the waxed resist single dip was
and a more typical golden/apricoty glossyish shino on the double dip and some
minute carbon traps at the edges. I should call it Polka Dot Shino. :-) After
the holiday, I'll try to put it up on the web --flawed glaze and all!
My firing was a bit of a disaster because I had a lot of a new porcelain body
in there and I didn't wash the bases or put alumina hydrate in the wax, etc.
For some stupid reason, I thought the ITC 100 on the shelves would make that
unnecessary. Wrong! Chunks of porcelain came off of almost every pot! :-( Of
the porcelain only one copper red teapot and a couple of teabowls, and a
copper red vase escaped pretty unscathed.
I had another problem with this new body and that glaze. I don't know if it's
the body, the glaze or a combination. I always clean my pots very well prior
to glazing, so I know that didn't cause it; but on some of the shino glazed
porcelain the glaze pulled away and curled, as though it was repelled by
something. I have never seen anything like it. It looks like something you
might see if the pot was burnished or dirty. Does anyone have any idea what
could have caused this?The pots were well dried, slow firing, etc.
Time to make gravy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Warm regards,