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was rutile green, spelling again

updated fri 24 nov 00


Martin Howard on thu 23 nov 00

Frank warns us, thanks to Google, to

All those spelling mistakes, colloquialisms and just plain bad grammar:
lasting for all eternity. Is there any way of making restitution for our
How many teapots with pulled handles must we make to atone for bad grammar?
How many mugs are equal to one spelling mistake which has sent non-english
speakers searching unhelpful dictionaries?

Ah, but no. There is no Pottery Priest to hear our confessions; or is there?
Just like our pots, or the shards of our pots, our mistakes continue for the
archaeologists to find several thousands in the future.

Martin Howard, just waiting for a dozen pulled handles to dry at
Webb's Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road, Great Saling