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guild communal sale procedures

updated sat 25 nov 00


Judith S. Labovitz on fri 24 nov 00

THANK YOU clayarters!!! I've received many responses to my question; the
suggestions ranged from the 'ridiculous' (use punch cards, the lawyers
will complain of missing mugs, and we'll have pregnant hanging
chads!!!) to the 'sublime' (use computers point of sale terminals and
20/20 machines).....with many potentially useful ideas in between.

Our sales committee meets next week and I will present all the responses
to them. In our organization, no change comes easily, but we can
certainly try!!

I evidently neglected to give additional information relative to our guild
in my original post. We have 29 members and 1 visiting potter. Our most
recent sale (Nov 9-11) grossed almost $70,000 in the 22 hours of
operation. Even after deducting seed money. sales taxes and sale-related
expenses, this is still a lot of money!! Our pots are great and
reasonably priced and we have developed a loyal following (our mailing
list is over 8,000 names)

Many thanks again. I hope to send individual personal responses to each
of you who kindly took the time to write to me!