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help! anyone know where i can buy a diesel jet burner?

updated sun 26 nov 00


June Perry on sat 25 nov 00

Hi all,

I have found that my propane setup probably won't work with this new, small
wood/oil kiln. The person who I got the plans from said that's he's never
seen anyone be able to make it work with the propane and recommends that I
use a diesel jet burner.
I am not too up to making one at this time, particularly since I can't quite
figure out the drawing that well and it requires welding, something I don't
have the experience or equipment for! :-(
Does anyone know if you can buy one of these things off the shelf?
My Internet browsing didn't kick up anything but heavy duty systems. The one
I have a sketch of is made with a 2 foot piece of exhaust pipe and some
copper tubing attached to the burner pipe at one end and attached to a
plastic fuel line with clamps on each end with on/off tap to control the
diesel and the plastic line extends to a gravity fuel tank and uses vacuum
cleaner for the blower.
I figured that by the time I got the parts and have the metal cut, and folded
for the burner, got someone to weld, etc. it would be easier to buy something
already made if such a burner is in the marketplace.
I checked Marc Ward's site, but everything seems to be for gas.
I'd appreciate any input from anyone who has purchased or built one of these
This kiln is fired first with small (2") widths of dry wood (about a wheel
barrow full) and then switched to diesel. Now my propane, weed burner is
about 500,00 btu's and I'm double checking if maybe that may not be enough to
do the trick even though other propane firing attempts have failed. I'm just
wondering if the burner capacity was too low in those cases.
This kiln is a tiny salt test kiln with about 3.5 cu ft including the flu
channel! It's single layered hard brick, unmortared construciton.
With the wood/diesel, it fires to cone 10 in three hours. I'd love for
someone to tell me that I don't need the diesel and that my powerful
(500,000 BTU) weed burner will do the trick! :-) If possible, I'd love to
avoid the diesel!