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04 glaze base

updated fri 1 dec 00


Cristpots@AOL.COM on thu 30 nov 00

It's been interesting seeing someone test a low fire glaze base that I posted
to Clayart along time ago. I still use this recipe: frit 3134 60%, Ball clay
40 %. I apply it thinly over underglazes and stains. Usually I spray on three
thin coats and glaze fire to cone 04. I don't use any coloring oxides with
it, but I'd be interested in the results. For colored glazes I use the
Potters Pallette recipe - don't know why I switched. I don't remember where I
got the 60/40 recipe from, but I do recall that it was supposed to be for a
tan-colored glaze and as a clear it does have a slight tannish cast on white
low fire clays.

Happy Gl;azing!
Beverly Crist, Los Angeles