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british weather beats "the path"

updated fri 1 dec 00


Janet Kaiser on thu 30 nov 00

Well, after a whole month of digging in
absolutely appalling weather conditions, Eckhard
finally finished the footings for Phase II of
The Path this week. He has been so good and
patient... He filled a huge skip (5 tons) with
stones, soil and mud dug out and wheeled across
the road to the skip in the car park opposite...
Each morning he would find the hole full of
water, then battle to dig out more between the
"showers". Mud and grunge everywhere! There were
just three rain-free days this November!

Anyway, we spent yesterday levelling the first
layer of aggregate & concrete in a force 10
gale! Two cubic metres was not quite enough, so
the final layer with have to be a bit thicker.
Still, it is well on its way to completion...

However, I am afraid that is as far as it goes
this year. There is just no time left to do any
more before Christmas. Our Christmas exhibition
opens next week and that has to take priority
the next few days. SO, much as we are really
disappointed and frustrated, we will have to
continue next year. February or March, after the
chance of frost passes and the days are longer.

So... I must ask all you "Path Makers" who have
sent a tile this year to be patient a little
longer. We tried really hard, but the weather
just was not playing ball.

There is a silver lining to the cloud... At
least this delay will give everyone who is
currently working on a tile, or have planned to
make a tile, the chance to finish one to include
in Phase II!!

So once the holiday rush is over, perhaps you
will be able to put a tile into the first firing
of the New Year? We really do need a great many
more, so please don't give up on The Path! We
are hanging in there and hope we will be able to
start sending photos out by Easter...

Let's wait and see what the Weather Gods have in
store for 2001 before promising. Once again,
thanks to all the Path Makers on this list. We
will get there one day!

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art . Capel Celfyddyd
Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales Tel: (01766) 523570