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cone 04 glazes

updated fri 1 dec 00


Bonnie Staffel on thu 30 nov 00

Dear John,

Here is a Fritt 3134 glaze, Cone 04, which I have used for about 40 years in
many different ways. It may craze on some clays, but to overcome this I
vitrified porcelain and then applied and fired to Cone 04, a beautiful soft
shiny white glaze. I am now using it at Cone 9 when I want to have colors
run. Have to watch it though so put a matte white Cone 9 glaze on the
bottom third so as to discourage it. It turns rather translucent at the
high temp. I have also gotten some beautiful copper reds. Another use is
to put it on your bisque in a pattern or with resist, mature the glaze and
then sawdust or smoke fire it. The crackle fills with the carbon from the
smoke. It probably would work as a raku glaze but as I don't do raku, you
would have to try it out.

I like to double glaze, or play with them in many different firing patterns.
Think this must come from my Cranbrook days when Maija Grotell used many
different glazes on one piece of magnificent pottery. Have to try multiple
firings next.

It blends with many glazes with no problems. Just a nice easy glaze.

Fritt 3134 60
Kaolin 25
Flint 15
Zircopax 10

Good Luck, Bonnie Staffel of Charlevoix, where hunting season ends today and
the deer can roam the cornfields in safety.