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digital images of glaze crystals from microscope

updated sun 3 dec 00


Geralyn W. Barry on sat 2 dec 00

Hi Ivor,

Don't know about connecting your digital camera to a standard microscope,
but my husband just attended a technical talk by the head of the "Toy"
division of Intel. They have a microscope (Intel Play QX3 Computer
Microscope) that sells for under $100 US and hooks up to your computer
through a USB port. Besides being a fun toy, it is being put to more
serious use by various people doing interesting things at universities,
such as looking at crystals at Florida State University. See

They have some of their photos online there, along with links to other
websites for getting more information on the microscope. Neat "toy".

Geralyn Wood Barry in Oregon
who used to do physics calculations on defects in crystalline silicon...
still working with silicon but in a different way - handbuilding in clay

At 05:37 PM 12/1/00 +1030, iandol wrote:
>Can anyone give me some helpful suggestions .
>Is it possible to inerconnect a Digital Camera to a standard microscope
>and produce photo-micrographs of glaze crystals and such like trivia? If
>so, how is it done?
>Ivor. Being inquisitive again.