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bowl holes

updated sat 9 dec 00


will edwards on fri 8 dec 00


In regards to bowls and platters and plates among a few other designs you=
sometimes turn the bottoms with a trimming tool and make an indention all=
for a mirror to be put in it.
I do a tad of stained glass like this on occasion as well. If you have an=
crack or split bottom (Oops) and it can't be filled or used, then it can
become a frame for a picture or the top ring for a wind chime.
I hope this might help some one on here? It add's to the adventure of mak=
something from almost nothing!
I am sure a glass cutter will be happy to cut the size you need once you =
and glaze the piece and carry it to them.

William Edwards
Opelika Arts Center
334 705-5558

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