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open studio... 9/12 to 17/12

updated sun 10 dec 00


Richard Jeffery on sat 9 dec 00

Right! I've been up since 4 a.m. painting plinths (Hi Janet...), work has
been delivered from three local potters/ceramic artists/makers/whatever, the
lighting is up and working, the mince pies are in the oven, and I'm about to
mull the wine (this early in the morning?) - before collapsing in a heap
with my cats then getting back to work to make more stock....

You're all very welcome, each and every one of you, to come and enjoy a
glass of wine and exchange pleasantries, or even heated debate.

Of course, this won't affect many of you, seeing that I'm in Bournemouth on
the south coast of the UK (where, whatever the debate on global warming
might end, 40 - 50 mm of rain a day every 2 or 3 days - just lighter stuff
in between - for 8 weeks does make you wonder whether we're all going to
hell in a bucket - which would be a useful item, just now). I might be
exaggerating, but not by much.....

I'm planning a raku firing on Wednesday, but that's more with the intention
of drying the kiln out than anything meaningful. Soggy kiln fibre and soft
brick is a sorry sight. Ho hum....

Bournemouth UK

fighting a rearguard action against local public opinion in this town on
matters creative - a recent vox pop had the arts as the least deserving of
support, second only to gypsies.....