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sagger/woodfire question

updated sat 9 dec 00


vince pitelka on thu 7 dec 00

> Hope this isn't a silly question...I guess if I had to classify myself
> a title it would be Fetal Potter lol. Anyway, I am lucky enough to live
> the same town as a certain clever Clayart poster with her very own
> kiln, and my question is the next wood-firing, could I take some
> bisqued pieces, wrap them in sawdust/organic material, then aluminum foil,
> and place on sand under a big bowl on one of the shelves to obtain those
> pretty saggar-type smokey markings but still fire to high temps? Or would
> all of that just burn off and leave me with ugly ashless pots? (Believe
> my pots don't need any help in the ugly department, or heavy for that
> matter...I have decided that I have invented a new classification:
> decorative, functional, and DEADLY WEAPON lol.) Thanks gurus...

Jennifer -
Sorry to discourage you, but this seems to me to be a waste of space in a
wood kiln. Today most people put their pots in the wood kiln to take
advantage of the wonderful things that the wood firing atmosphere will do.
High temperature sagger firing can be done in any gas kiln.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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