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distance education in general

updated tue 12 dec 00


Chris Stanley on mon 11 dec 00

This topic brings to mind and earlier one we had regarding the legitimacy of
Distance Ed. in general. As one who teaches in a rather out of the way
place, I am intrigued by the idea of schools providing some form of distance
education in the area of graduate level art. Most if not all of my
non-traditional students are not capable of attending another University for
further graduate studies.
I am proud that I have produced some younger "traditional" students who have
been able to leave the area, but as with all things, that has nothing to do
with talent, it has to do with mobility.
I think it would be a great idea for a couple of schools to run an
experiment with several students in a distance M.F.A. program that was not
as costly as the one which we are discussing. Further, I bet that the
participating "non-degree" offering school and the "degree" offering school
could form a T/A agreement which would help the students get some teaching

I would love to hear comments on this topic.