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potters training/craft business institute

updated tue 12 dec 00


Dwiggins, Sandra (NCI) on mon 11 dec 00

Hey--This sounds just like the curriculum at the Crafts Business Institute
put on by the Rosengroup. It's happening this year in the spring. First
weekend in May. I recommend going. All the items on the list are covered
in this intensive weekend program.

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> In a message dated 12/11/2000 7:36:23 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> candle@INTREX.NET writes:
> << In addition to pottery (and other English, humanities, social
> science, and math courses required for an Associates Degree
> program), they had included a course called "Real Small
> Business". We told them they needed more on Marketing, and
> something to cover computer skills for small business. What else
> would you suggest? >>
> May I suggest:
> Basic accounting in addition to marketing. Also helpful would be some
> perspective on growing a business as well as photography, advertising,
> design
> skills, exhibit planning , kind of an all around "how to present yourself"
> that goes beyond building portfolios.
> Occasionally, I am a visiting pottery teacher at some local high schools,
> and
> during each session, I tell all the students that if they plan to pursue a
> life in the arts to take a good solid business class. I think that is
> probably the most valuable informtion that I can give them, probably more
> significant than how to develop a "line" of work to sell.
> Also invaluable to be included would be:
> How to deal with Galleries.
> How to deal with regular people at craft shows.
> How to deal with promoters and develop a good "jury" package.
> Seems like a good people/psychology class would work in here.
> How to deal with Sales Reps.
> How to design, create, keep a schedule, run your own business, become
> legal
> "get a business license", as well as show skills (booth design,
> develpment,
> advertising, business cards,e tc)---i.e. the printed word, and how that is
> presented
> Packaging for safe traveling of pots (and DEALING with UPS, and other
> carriers)
> What a loaded question you asked, Chris! And so i seemed to have
> profusion
> of thoughts on the subject.
> I am thank ful to have grown up in a small business, giving me, I think
> the
> business skills necessary, so that once I had the art/design training, I
> could go it alone. Without them, I would definitely have searched out the
> proper classes to give me the business skills needed to survive. The
> talent,
> the training can be there. Without the business skills to promote and sell
> the work, well one would not EAT!
> good luck.
> Susan
> Annandale, VA
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