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make mugs/do the math

updated wed 13 dec 00


mel jacobson on tue 12 dec 00

bamboo karen. (you already have it correct.)

here is a math quiz.

sell a painting in new york....10,000 bucks.

gallery 6,000
you 4,000

take out 30 percent for state and federal taxes.
take out 10 percent for fica (who the hell knows what that is?)
take out air fair and expenses of a few days in new york.
take out price of shipping painting, then framing it.
take out price of paint and linen canvas.
take out your time.
take out studio lights and heat/ac.
see what you have left?

do the math.
make mugs, and then have a sale in your back yard.
and then, discover how many people there are in america that will
shell out three thousand dollars for a pot. not many.
ego, what a concept.
show all set up...hate cleaning, pricing. what else is new?
family are saints.
my grandson loves the red, not to sure about shino.
he will learn.