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potters in british isles and europe please note

updated wed 13 dec 00


vince pitelka on tue 12 dec 00

To potters in the British Isles and on the European mainland -
A former student of mine by the name of Kirke Martin is spending the spring
over there, from February through late May. He is a very talented,
motivated, energetic, hard working, mature, responsible young man (late
20s), and has just finished a one-year apprenticeship with John Glick. I
worked with Kirke for two years while he was completing his BFA degree at
the Craft Center. It was a joy having him around the studio.

Kirke is interested in making contact with potters and clay scuptors abroad,
and if possible would love to spend a little time in your studio. Don't
misunderstand this opportunity. This guy learns quickly, and will do
whatever you ask him to do (within reason!) with gusto. He has built wood
kilns and fired all kinds of kilns and is very committed to clay.

As Kirke travels through Europe this spring I encourage you to welcome him
into your studio and if possible involve him in studio tasks. Put him to
work and you will be well rewarded. He is reliable, conscientious, and
observant. He will make very good use of whatever you can show him as he
continues to synthesize his strongly individual style of working.

We all celebrate emerging potters who have the ambition, ability, and
commitment which Kirke exhibits. You will enjoy getting to know him. Feel
free to contact me if you want to discuss Kirke's qualifications or if you
need more information. You can contact Kirke directly at, or you can pass on information through me.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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