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apprentice wanted in nc

updated thu 14 dec 00


priddy on wed 13 dec 00

if you are willing to relocate to the NC coast and pay your own way...
I will teach you and let you work in my studio for six months. There are=

selling opportunities for you here if you already are skilled. I will no=
t pay
you. You will have to work in exchange for your classes. the real life =
here for housing and utilities run about 600 a month plus your food. The=
re is
a house adjacent to mine that you can rent. Jobs are plentiful in the su=
especially if you are willing to do restaurant work to pay your bills. I=
work you like dog and you will love it.
The class barter is for 150 a week which comes to about 15 hours of your =
required each week dedicated to real work, not playing around. =

So, your slavery/apprenticeship week would entail:

15 hours of clay work
6 hours of instruction for you, your choice of topic, painting or potting=

living at the beach and swimming in the the ocean daily(if you are smart)=

working a regular job 3/4 time to pay your own bills
you will need a car, the house to rent has two small bedrooms, pets ok

Anyone interested can view my work on my website, and can contact me at There will be an interview and application process. =
apply if you are ready to do this type of work. =

There are hurricanes in the late summer and the house for rent comes open=
the early spring, so I need to fill the position by March.

Thank you.

still respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy, as is

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