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ash glazes and element life

updated thu 14 dec 00


Wesley C. Rolley on wed 13 dec 00

I am learning by experience that the use of ash glazes in an electric kiln
can affect element life. I have a Skutt cone 10 rated kiln. I have been
firing with glazes constructed using unwashed fireplace ash (90% local type
of pine called "Digger Pine") I use an unwashed ash that has some
charcoal dust, a source of C0. It is now difficult to reach cone 10 and I
have had to adjust my firing profiles accordingly. I still fire to cone 9
at 6:00, but do so with a 30 minure soak at top temperature. When I do
eventually replace them, it is time to call Florida for some ITC...

One additional question: would vapors from the souluble alkalines in the
glazes also attach the elements? It seems that they would.

Wes Rolley

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