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lighting for new century

updated sat 16 dec 00


Aiko Ichimura on fri 15 dec 00

Hello all

Takaya Kaido, a clay artist in Japan, sen you a season's
greeting and wishes to invite you to his new group show
" Lighting for the new century" You can view his works at below URL

Takaya Kaidou's Email and URL are:

Aiko in DC, slipped (we had ice storm 2 nights ago)
and fell from the top of stairs to 15 steps down
to ground. I hit my head hip and ribcage without many broken parts.
I think I broke a ribcage or two. Has anyone done this before.
When I sneeze, I have to scream about 10 seconds. Come to think of it,
I have done this when I was 6 or 7. I broke 50 tea cups then and no