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nontoxic decals---wax pen

updated sat 16 dec 00


Daniel Foscarini on thu 14 dec 00

TYEDYE as in t-shrit, The wax pen, let's see if I can describe it,.....

The total size is about 15cm long (5 inches?) which is a little on the big
side for ones I've seen. It has a wood handle, and a brass-hollow-ball with
two holes in it. The larger hole on the top is what you put the wax in,
(ball is about the size of a golf ball), The hole on the (off-center) bottom
has a small tube about an inch long coming out of it at a 45 degree angel.
The ball is held over a candle flame to melt the wax, but the size of the
hole in the tube stops the wax from coming out unless it comes in contact
with a surface. The brass holds the heat for awhile so the wax remains

As far bees wax shaped you have less control, and are in a rush to do you
design before the wax cools. Besides, I use cheap candle wax, pure beeswax
cost $$


>From: Martin Howard
>Reply-To: Ceramic Arts Discussion List
>Subject: Re: nontoxic decals
>Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 06:58:08 -0000
>Daniel, can you please enlarge on
>? What is tye dying? Could a shaped block of
>bees wax do the same?
>You seem to have struck on something important here, but the terminology is
>not translating.
>Martin Howard
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