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nontoxic decals/wax/tiedye

updated sat 16 dec 00


Snail Scott on fri 15 dec 00

There was a whole long thread about those
tjanting wax 'pens' that split off from
a Currie syringe thread a month or so ago.
Try the archive under 'syringe' for that

At 11:54 AM 12/15/00 +0000, you wrote:
>Phonetically it sounds like Jan-ting, (can't remember the spelling!)
>that is used for wax resist. Tie-dyeing is binding bits of cloth with
>string or tape to resist the colour when the whole is immersed in the
>dye bath.
>In message , Martin Howard writes
>>Daniel, can you please enlarge on
>>? What is tye dying? Could a shaped block of
>>bees wax do the same?
>>You seem to have struck on something important here, but the terminology is
>>not translating.
>>Martin Howard