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fernandez. on sat 16 dec 00

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Subject: Re: studio potters in Taiwan

There=A1=A6s plenty for potters to see in Taiwan. In fact, Taipei =
should be on any potter=A1=A6s list of destinations on the Asian grand =

Here are my suggestions:

National Palace Museum

This holds the private collection of the Chinese emperors. It is =
quite simply the best collection of Chinese art in the world. This =
museum contains amazing ceramics; almost every piece on display is a =
definitive example of its type. Be sure to see notice the Song dynasty =
Ru (Ju) celadons. There are only a few dozen complete examples in =
existence, and all of the best ones are at this museum.

Yingge Ceramics Museum

This is in the pottery town of Yingge, which is in Taipei county about =
half an hour=A1=A6s drive south of Taipei city. The museum just opened =
a few weeks ago. The facilities are quite impressive, and the top floor =
holds rotating exhibitions of contemporary ceramics. The town of Yingge =
is also a must-see for any potter. There must be over a hundred pottery =
shops there, selling everything from mass produced flower pots to =
reproduction classical ceramics to some of the world=A1=A6s finest =
studio pottery. You could spend days just browsing the shops in this =
town. Although few people speak English, the shop owners are very =
knowledgeable about their wares. =20

Chang Collection

This little museum houses one of the world=A1=A6s best private =
collections of imperial ceramics. Exhibits change periodically. Their =
Ming blue and white is especially impressive. =20

National Museum of History

This has a good collection of Tang tricolor pottery. Also some superb =
Neolithic wares. And there is a great little teahouse on the top floor.


Shung Ye Museum of the Formosan Aborigine

This museum is just down the road from the Palace Museum. It houses =
an interesting collection of aboriginal pots. They sometimes show an =
anthropological documentary that records how these pots used to be made.



Any potter visiting Taiwan should also visit one of the traditional =
teahouses to experience how Taiwanese drink the delicious local tea with =
Yixing pots. Although Yixing wares are imported from China, the =
world=A1=A6s most enthusiastic connoisseurs are Taiwanese. Here you can =
see how Taiwanese blend various Chinese arts, such as pottery, tea, =
calligraphy, and flower arranging. It=A1=A6s the best place to =
understand the living spirit of Taiwanese pottery.=20

I would love to meet you. Feel free to give me a call when you =
arrive. My phone number is (02) 2660-6483.


>From: "fernandez."=20
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>Subject: studio potters in Taiwan=20
>Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:47:28 +0100=20
>We are two potters from Italy travelling to Taiwan during end of the =
year.Is there any Clayart member that we could visit?=20
>Can anyone give us information on where the best places are for =
pottery on the island?=20
>Olivier and Margherita Fernandez=20

Thank you so much for your informations it's just what we were looking =
for . We will certainly give you a call when in Taipei around the 24 / =
25th december. If you need anything from Italy please send me an e-mail =
BY Margherita
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