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glaze advice/toxicity and general

updated wed 20 dec 00


Craig Martell on tue 19 dec 00


A lot of posts ask for advice on certain materials in glazes. A lot of
these posts don't contain sufficient information so no advice can really be
given. If the following can be included with the request, your answer may
be much faster.

1. Firing cone # and atmosphere
2. Glaze recipe-be specific about types of feldspar and clays that you are
3. Your concerns and or specific problems and symptoms you are encountering
4. Type of work you are doing, as in domestic pots or sculpture (indoor or
outdoor) or other kinds of work

If you don't feel comfortable posting your recipes and want to keep them
confidential you can ask someone on the list to look at them off list and
not divulge any info to others.

Remember that one has to look at the entire glaze to make any sort of
comment about it's suitability for the intended type of ware. Just giving
the flux percentages for example won't solicit a complete answer because
these have to be looked at against the silica and alumina.

regards, Craig Martell in Oregon