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paul taylor's garden pots

updated tue 19 dec 00


Ann Brink on mon 18 dec 00

Paul Taylor wrote to Joyce:
" Claire (who usually twigs to the obvious long before I do) and I were a
little disappointed with surface treatment the pots got . We think they
could look better salt glazed or something similar. Although salt glazing
makes them more expensive for the bother we think it well worth it."

Hi Paul - I just looked at your garden pots at
to see what you meant about them needing different surface treatment. I'll
jump in here with an idea, not that you don't have enough of your own,
but.....what about diluting a cream to light brown glaze to where it's quite
thin, pour over the exteriors- this will give them just enough glaze to flux
the surface, then take a can of copper spray paint and spray some swaths
from enough distance not to get defined edges. You will get a greenish
blush, and sometimes darker specks too. Careful though, about spraying on
clay that is unglazed or on top of wax resist...the copper will fall off on
your kiln shelf and leave green specks. I love copper but it has it's little
ways you have to consider.

Let the list know what you end up doing.

Ann Brink in CA, getting out the last of the cards, and wishing everyone