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a new thought on bats

updated tue 2 jan 01


Polly Harris on mon 1 jan 01

I have a new idea about bats that has worked for me since 1983 (yes, I know
that some of you were not born then!!) I have thrown over 50,000 pots on
bats that I make out of lap siding. You know the stuff they use in building
houses for the outside finish. It comes in 6" and 12" width and is 12 to 16
feet long, textured on one side and weather sealed on the other. It is the
outside of the wooden house -- right? It works out to about +/- $1.00 a bat.

You really do not have to have a round bat to throw on and these require
only and additional four cuts to give you a perfect octagon. It really works

Now to the next problem that has been taking up so much space on line -- the
holes for the pins. You do not have to have them drilled perfectly, centered
to find the other hole, etc. Simply throw using a clay pad. Yes, the clay
pad will hold the bat on sooo tightly I must use a tool to break the vacuum
to get it off. The pad needs to be slightly smaller than the bat. It can be
thrown with ridges or smooth and seems to work best if it is less than 1/2"
thick. I re form the edge-which also dampens it slightly after every pot and
never slow down hunting holes, etc.

Try it you will like it....

Polly thePotter