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ceramics monthly - old issues

updated mon 1 jan 01


BjpHawk@AOL.COM on sat 30 dec 00

I have some old issues of Ceramics Monthly that I no longer need. If there
is any interest, these would be free to whomever desires them. I just can't
make myself throw them away. They range from November 1989 to October 1999,
although no year has a complete set. Apparently 1996 was a good year, I'm
only missing October...there are 58 issues in all, some are damaged from a
small flood, but still readable, the pages are a bit crinkly. I will ship,
if you're interested, please contact me offlist at

Thanks and Happy New Year!

in a part of PA that didn't get very much snow at all, what shall I do with
all the milk, bread and eggs I bought? ;)