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clay tile bats

updated tue 2 jan 01


Dave Finkelnburg on sun 31 dec 00

I agree that unglazed clay tiles can make good bats. The suggestion
pops up here every year or so. However, I have never seen anyone mention
how considerably abrasive the unglazed tiles can be on your tools, and
worse, on your fingers! You can literally wear away your finger tips! I
speak from experience. Anyone testing this system should use some caution
until they get used to this particular feature of these bats.
Good potting and Happy New Year!
Dave Finkelnburg
Idaho Fire Pottery
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From: Cantello Studios
Date: Sunday, December 31, 2000 7:30 AM
Subject: Re: loosened bat holes

>Hi all just a note on bats. This may be old info to some of you but a
>friend of mine name Tim turned me on to a new bat for throwing mugs and
>smaller things. Go down to your local tile store and pick up some small
>6in.tiles the ones without any glaze work the best just the red clay type.
>If you fined the ones with small buttons of clay like feet on them they
>the best. The thinner the better less stacking space at wheel side. Take a
>2lb. Ball of clay, center and flatten on wheel head about half inch works
>fine. No need to put groves in this at all its better without. Put the tile
>down on this flatten clay and hit once with hand not too hard they will
>sometimes brake. The cool thing about this little bat is that its sticks
>stays the fired clay is like a suction cup. The little clay feet on the
>bottom will not allow the tile to slip and after throwing just take a wood
>tool and pop up. Another neat thing is you can get 16 tiles on a 12" by 4'
>ware board. You will also fine that the mugs, or other small things will
>off with ease and very clean. The only down side to this system is that a
>ware board with 16 tiles and mugs can get heavy. Give it a test run you may
>learn to love it I know I have. Chris from Chico Ca. ware its been 32 most
>mornings but 60 by noon. I shot 39 on the front yesterday for the first
>with a birdie birdie finish. Yaaa Just like catching a 24in. Hat creek
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>Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2000 2:01 PM
>Subject: Re: loosened bat holes
>the bat to that.>
>That is fine, but it takes extra time to centre and flatten that pound of
>clay each time.
>The lotus system enables us move quickly from bat to bat. So long as we
>enough bats, work can be much quicker than the old centre, flatten and
>Martin Howard
>Webb's Cottage Pottery
>Woolpits Road, Great Saling
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