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glaze test for adventurine, teadust adventurine, cone 6, oxidation

updated fri 22 dec 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on thu 21 dec 00


Source: Clayart
Comments: use over a matt glaze.

Tested on mid range, iron flecked stoneware, fired to 1220c, oxidation

80 3134
15 RIO
1 Magnetite
10 Kaolin
1 Bentonite

Omitted 1 Magnetite
Did not read what cone this receipe is for, but fired to cone 6.
Fired on top of a matt base glaze.

Resulted in a very fluid, runny dark cognac brown, with black stripping =
and black glossy pool in center of test bowl.
Interesting effect because test bowl was dipped from lip mid way down. =
Adventurine glaze held well around outside surface from lip to mid way
down bowl. Inside, the Adventurine sank completely under inner lip, =
leaving a wide white band of under glaze, and then showed from=20
midway down the bowl to a dark pool in center. Large pinholes inside =
bowl many variations of colors from rusts, cognacs, medium browns to
black gloss.

This glaze is very similar in all properties to Ebony glaze posted =
50 Bernard slip, 50 Frit 3124

Receipe No. 2 for Adventurine Teadust
Comments: Jet opagque with sparkles, use over another glaze or =
vitrifying slip.

50 Potash
15 China Clay
5 Flint
15 Whiting

5 Manganese Diox.
5 Cobalt ox.

Tested over a matt base.
Resulted in a fairly stable (compared to above) coffe brown to black =
glaze. Fairly matt and smooth in texture, with
a lot of sparkling in many areas. =20

Personal: Effect is interesting, such a great contrast between matt =
base and the dark tea dust. Overall color of=20
glaze is very dark and dense. The play comes from the smooth feel of =
the glaze and sparkling effect of areas.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark