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nceca 2001 and plane fares

updated sat 23 dec 00


Mayssan1@AOL.COM on thu 21 dec 00

Dear James:
Found the following example at for $375.00 so I copied and
pasted the page for you.
I hope it works and is of help to you
Best regards,

James L Bowen on thu 21 dec 00

Just wondering what kind of rates people are
getting to Charlotte.
The best I have been quoted by Expedia is about
$650 from Denver. At that rate I will probably
drive. Any ideas or secrets on how to save $
will be appreciated. Thanks.
Stay centered.

Billie Neal on thu 21 dec 00

Hi........although i am not going to nceca, i do however, have a few
comments about good plane fares. Let me first say "I do not work for these
people". I have gotten many very good prices by visiting
There are articles with information on very good flight prices. For some
deals you must be a member.....but for others you are not obligated
whatsoever. They are currently advertising round trip air fares....many
coast to coast for under 200.00. I have booked with these people - it is
legitimate. I fly mostly round trip from pittsburgh to orlando. pittsburgh
is a hub for u.s.air so that is who i usually fly with. actually have gotten
all my flights for under 200.00 the last two years - and even in the dead of
winter (like now :-()

Another way I have gotten good fares has been to call the airline of
choice - again u.s.air for me - and request "v class". That is v as in
victor. I have no clue what that translates to but it works. I leave 30Dec00
for orlando and return to pittsburgh 12jan01 and the fare i got using the v
class request was 138.00 - round trip. Using part of a round trip ticket i
had not used before i ended up paying 15.25 for this flight.

so.....ya might wanna look this up. anyone has any questions contact me off
list - i'd be glad to help you out.

billie ....frezing her a** off in pittsburgh counting the seconds until
december 30.
i really hate winter..can't wait till i move

Pheetie@AOL.COM on thu 21 dec 00

Try My daughter got a very good fare from Denver to
Chattanooga. I have never used them, but I understand you can't be
particular about what times you leave. Good luck.
Marcia in Chattanooga

Jim Mason on fri 22 dec 00

It is sometimes possible to get considerably better fares to Greensboro than
to Charlotte. The Greensboro airport (GSO) is about 80 miles from Charlotte.
And if you were going to rent a car anyway, .......

Jim Mason,
Gibsonville, NC

Kevin Wiberg on fri 22 dec 00

This past summer I did an online search of airfares from Burlington, VT,
and Asheville, NC. I tried Expedia, Travelocity, and We've got a small airport (with jet service) so it's hard
to get any flight bargains. I found the best deal with Priceline. I know
some friends had some problems with Priceline (connection issues) but for
me it was pretty smooth with electronic ticketing and no other hassles. I
saved about 30%. With Priceline you must give your credit card number,
travel dates (with flexibility, if any) and the amount you want to pay. If
they find a ticket it is yours with no refunds possible (a drawback). I
don't think you have much choice over connections or travel time. You can
have an electronic ticket generated for an additional charge ($12.00?), but
I think you could do that at the airport for free.

Otherwise, I've heard dealing directly with airlines at airports often
results in a cheaper fare.

Merry Christmas from Vermont!

Kevin Wiberg

Stephani Stephenson on fri 22 dec 00

I have had good results from priceline as well. As stated you can pick
the flight date, but not the flight time, though you can specify whether
you are open to flying off hour ,(6 AM to midnight), or not. Their
website guides you through pretty well. They suggest you bid 20% percent
lower than the available published price. I have bid lower than that
with success.

Also the major airlines post weekly internet specials . Usually you
have to sign up for a little club, for example, American airlines is
called the Aadvantage club. It is free. They send you weekly
announcements of discounted fairs. The fares are quite a bit lower than
the published fares.

Stephani Stephenson
Leucadia CA