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pouring spouts

updated tue 2 jan 01


Bonnie Staffel on sun 31 dec 00

Dear Clayarters,

I requested from my bartender granddaughter some of those spouts they use in
a bar if they ever threw out any. Well, for Christmas I received a card
with four attached. What makes these different from most is that they have
a little flappy cover over the top which seems to me to be a good idea.
They are sponsored by who else but Martha Stewart on
or and also a toll free phone 877-523-7188. Since I also
do not drink any more than a half glass of wine in an evening, wanted to
recork. (There is just no way I can get that original cork back into the
bottle1!!) My suggestion is do not buy the all plastic kind. If the bottled
liquid has any stickiness, you can't remove the stopper without breaking the
rim. So these are much better with the metal rim.

Cheers, Bonnie