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testing, trading, oil of ???, cone 04

updated mon 25 dec 00


Frank Gaydos on sun 24 dec 00

I have been testing new cone 04 bases, replacing in some cases, my =
Gerstley Borate containing glazes. Since I'm in test mode I want to try =
the method Clayart discussed awhile ago about making a Xerox and then =
applying 'Oil of Something'?? to the paper and it will loosen the ink =
which you burnish to your pot. ( Could not find in Archives)
Has anyone tried this and to what success, and is the oil Lavender or =
Also, if you have an interesting cone 04 glaze that does not contain =
GBorate, I will be interested in swapping as I got some nice working =
bases that work with my clay body. I will post to Clayart when I fully =
test and 'Insight' the glazes within the next few weeks for anyone =

Frank Gaydos
510 Gerritt St.
Philadelphia, Pa.
19147-5821 USA