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toxics: thanks (fwd)

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ACTSNYC@CS.COM on thu 21 dec 00

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> Subject: toxics: thanks
> Monona and all who responded, thank you. I know there is no substitute for
> research. I do intend to keep potting, though, while I learn, and am just
> learning to mix glazes. Too many times I have learned about hazards after
> fact. Cleaning a tractor part, up to my elbow in solvent before somebody
> "that might not be a good idea..." One more thing to worry about later.
> I had several clay classes in undergrad and grad school but in retrospect,
> not only didn't I have any safety information, the practices in the
> classrooms were atrocious.
> Monona, I do intend to find out more about the glazes at the art camp
> I take my kids again. Where, by the way, can I get my hands on a copy of
> publication? Judging by the visits from UPS, Amazon.claus has been paying
> attention to my wish list of pottery books!

Some of my books are on Amazon. But "Keeping Clay Work Safe and Legal" is an
NCECA publication. If you are a member of NCECA and are in the US, you can
call 800-99NCECA and ask. We also sell it, but as per our agreement with
NCECA, we sell it for more so their members have a benefit.

You or anyone on Clayart can drop me a snail mail address and I'll send ACTS'
publications list with directions for purchasing stuff. Just make sure to
tell me you want the publications list. I answer about 35 inquiries per day
and can't guess.

> And I appreciate the reassurance and reinforcement from the level heads on
> this list. Making as many healthy choices as possible in life at least
> the balance in our favor, maybe keeps our immune systems up to the battle.
> My husband is an aquatic biologist (great lakes environmental studies) and
> m an environmentalist liberal wacko... both of us skeptical about
> reassurances from government agencies. <

Government is not the enemy. Industry is--so they want you to think the
government is the problem. Many of the politicians are our enemies too.
And the reason industry and politicians cannot be trusted is the same: Money.
Government is a bunch of ordinary shmoes and salaried workers trying to do
their jobs. Sometimes they mess up and try to hide it. Gee. Like that only
happens in government. And some government workers are dumb--that trait is
not restricted to government either--especially not now.

< And everywhere you look, safety rules
> are changing. I buckle my kids into their car seats day after day but
> remember riding in the old station wagon, standing up, leaning over the
> between my folks. < SNIP

Everything changes as more data is obtained. And in my field there are
always changes to the OSHA rules and whole rules published every so often.
Now there is a new Ergonomic Standard that will change the way colleges and
workplaces will have to train people who lift those 100# and 50# sacks of

That's life. Nothing is the same.

Monona Rossol
181 Thompson St., #23
NYC NY 10012-2586 212/777-0062
> Gratefully yours, Kelly in Ohio (off to have a hot cup of cadmium and then
> hose down my electric kiln while poking christmas light wires up my nose)