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vnb-150 buzzer burner in bangladesh

updated thu 4 jan 01


GoBuzzer@AOL.COM on wed 3 jan 01

I hope the information I provide you will assist in solving some of your
firing questions. However we may have to have a couple of conversations to
work out the details.
From the information posted, you mention that the burner you are using is
a model VNB-150 this is a low pressure burner. I assume your using either
Propane or Butane gas and not compressed natural gas. If your using propane
the pressure should be 11" w/c which is just shy of 1/2 PSI.
If your burner is a #VNB-150-HP this is a high pressure model for use
with gas exceeding 1 PSI-however we do need to know the type of gas.
Assuming your kiln is fired with a low pressure burner using propane gas
it would be rated at 65,000 BTUH. For flue area using Natural up-draft
design you would require a 3 1/2" diameter flue with no more then 12" of flue
stack. The burner port should be around 4" in diameter with the burner
positioned about 1 1/2" from the port face.
Please write back and let me know if my assumed information is correct.
If you do have a high pressure burner we can re-figure flue size based on
BTUH. For a 1.5 cubic foot kiln insulated with hard brick you will need
about 100,000 BTUH so if infact you have a high pressure burner this would be
To tell if your burner is high pressure the nozzle will be short, cast
iron, and employ several piloting or retaining ports. The casting will be 2
3/8" long by 2 3/8" diameter. If you have a low pressure burner the nozzle
is long, cast iron, and open ( no retaining ports ). The casting will be 7"
long by 2 3/8" diameter.
Please write back with any additional questions you may have

Thank you,
C.A. Hones, Inc.
Robert Hones