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xmas gallery sales reports...

updated thu 4 jan 01


Wendy Rosen on wed 3 jan 01

I've only heard from a few shops and galleries but it looks like the
holiday season was a bit short of expectations with sales probably
flat with last year.

This means that shelves ARE NOT empty and buyers will need
less work when they come to market in February.

With the increase in fuel prices this IS the right time to raise prices...
pottery has been too low for too long... get your margins now and
make fewer pieces... but keep the same income. If sales slow down
too much do what other artists do... promote yourself with
phone calls to former customers, post cards, mailings and advertising.

We should have our new website up in a few weeks (in time for the February
show.) I'll send you the appropriate URL's when everything is ready.

Please add your holiday sales and copy me separately at

Wendy Rosen
The Rosen Group

3000 Chestnut Ave #304
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
410.889-3093 410.243.7089 fax

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