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nceca roomies

updated tue 9 jan 01


freeflt on sat 6 jan 01

I am also at the same point as you as far as going to NCECA. If I can =
find 2-3 folks to share a room, then I will work on the getting there. =
Have you checked with any hotels yet? Holiday Inn is the best price =
accd. to the NCECA flyer, but haven't checked anything myself. Maybe =
this will be a possible thing, I was starting to tell myself I may have =
to miss it this year, you've given me new hope.
~sherry wells

freeflt on mon 8 jan 01

Are you still looking for roomies for the conference, I tried to send=20
you a post off line, but haven't heard back from you, since then have=20
received posts from other ladies interested in sharing a room. Let me=20
know if you want to share with us, otherwise there is another lady=20
that is interested. I reserved a room at the Holiday Inn, it was the=20
only hotel listed with any rooms still available, and at that all that=20
are left are smoking.
~sherry wells
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