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traveling to london (uk) + dannon's shakers

updated sat 6 jan 01


pam easley on fri 5 jan 01

I second Janet Kaiser's suggestions. Was there myself in Sept. and just
loved the Marshall Street Contemporary Ceramics place. It's an odd place to
find, so get a good map. I'll go dig up the potters directory and see if I
can give you a phone no. or good directions.

Enjoy -- wish I were going, too!

Pam in Seattle, madly refining my version of Dannon's Salters. What fun! Am
making some huge ones for sugar shakers. It is so damp here right now that
I'm afraid it'll take several days for them to dry, and can hardly wait for
those little devils to be ready to fire and use. I loved Gail's Easter Egg
shakers idea, and am playing with making them in various odd and amusing
shapes -- like a pig with her snout in the air for the salt to sprinkle out.
Or how about a big breast, for primalmommy? Don't want to get too off the
wall here, but the shapes are endless and my imagination is running wild.