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travelling to london

updated sat 6 jan 01


T. Howard on fri 5 jan 01

A couple tips in addition to what has gone before. Travel via tube is
expensive but check at the tube info office (at any station) to determine
what is the most economical way to travel. There are bargain fares to be had
if you travel out of the busy time of day and are also usable on buses(for
when you get tired of being a mole!).
Phone galleries you plan to visit to check times and where they are-we spent
extra time hunting down places that turned out to be closed forever or
closed when we arrived at the door. We got the list from the Marshall St.
Craft Council store( a real gem and you can take photos),so don't assume it
is up to date. The other hint is checking how the stores are numbered on
each street-i.e. one street will be numbered in a progressive way with even
numbers on one side and odd on the other;another street will have #105 on
the opposite side of the street to #15!
If you are arriving and leaving from Gatwick contact me and I can tell you
of a cheap way to get there and back as unlike Heathrow there is no tube
going there and the "Express" train is expensive and not necessary.
Have fun!