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ot traffic in london

updated wed 10 jan 01


Janet Kaiser on mon 8 jan 01

Yes, Vince, I am a hayseed these days, but I
don't get flustered at more than two lanes
driving in the same direction. I too have driven
in LA, Washington DC, NY, Paris, Munich, Milan,
Rome... Well all sorts of situations on left or
right side of the road. But London traffic is
daunting to the casual visitor...

The key words are "intimately familiar"... Once
you know the area and the road rules, it is
fine. I note your son had already been in London
six months, is a good driver and you were
map-reading... Given that scenario, you have a
definite advantage over someone picking up a car
at the airport and plunging into London traffic
on their own... Just because most live to tell
the tale, does not mean it is the _recommended_
mode, eh?

As you say, public transport is great, helps to
reduce traffic levels and is less stressful.
Even when squashed between a garlic-eating
pregnant lady and a whisky drinking city gent on
the underground, it is better than any other
method of getting around. Nothing is faster,
easier or more convenient. Unless you want to
start training for the London Marathon...

Janet Kaiser
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> Well, I don't know what others are accustom
to, but I am intimately
> familiar with traffic in Boston, Los Angeles,
NYC, St. Louis, and Nashville,
> and I don't think London is all that bad.
When we were there last January
> my
> son Morgan was driving, and he is a good
driver. I worked the maps, and we
> got around efficiently, even during rush hour.
I would not hesitate to do
> the same again, but I certainly have to agree
with Janet about the dangers
> of being unaccustom to driving on the wrong
side (sorry) of the road.
> Morgan does not own a car, but had driven
friends' cars periodically, and
> had already lived in London for six months
when we visited last, so he was
> already accustom to the aberrant driving
practices (sorry).
> That said, for anyone contemplating visiting
London, the underground is
> wonderful, comfortable, efficient, prompt, so
why drive if you do not need
> to?
> Best wishes -
> - Vince
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