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freezing slip ? / tia

updated thu 11 jan 01


Ross Hartman on wed 10 jan 01

Greetings Clayarters:

I have never asked a question of the list but I have answered questions
on any occasion I thought I could contribute. So here's my first:

Due to the increase in the cost of natural gas our heating bill has
tripled over last year (the last one exceeded $600.00 for the studio and
the house). I am considering shutting off the heat in the studio for the
remainder of the winter. I have buckets and buckets of slip out there.
Is there a danger in freezing slip?

I can't seem to remember what the deal is here, it's been years since I
thought about it, but I thought that there could be damage to the
chemistry of the deflocculants upon freezing.

If this is the case what will I have to do to correct the chemistry of
the slip before I use it after thawing?

Thanks for any assistance.