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studio sansaqua---and cold studio

updated sun 14 jan 01


Carolyn Nygren Curran on fri 12 jan 01

Mary Beth...What about one of those hot water warmer or an electric tea
kettle for warming the cold water? I have a really cold basement studio in
upstate NY, but I do have a source of hot water right there. I know how
cold my hands get, and I think I would keep an electric tea kettle in the
studio in order to keep the slop water warm. Whenever I felt the slop
water was getting too cold, I'd add some of the hot water to it.
Another thought while on the topic of cold studios: I have begun to
wear a ski hat in the wintertime studio. It may sound- and look--funny to
wear one inside, but it does keep me warmer. We also have one of those Dr.
Seuss hats purchased before they became so popular and trite, and the studio
is one place I can wear it. It's rather fun fashion when kept in the
family! Good thick soled shoes or merde kickers keep feet warm, too, and
I've switched from two or more layers of sweaters or sweatshirts to one
turtleneck plus vest. Much better if I'm doing tall and narrow forms!
Wearing a hat was the best innovation, however. Cheers and good luck on the
hot water. Another idea might be a big thermos container for carrying your
water............. CNC

Chris Schafale on sat 13 jan 01

Has anyone tried an aquarium heater to keep their throwing water
warm? I keep meaning to do this...

Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA
(south of Raleigh)

Gil Freedman on sat 13 jan 01

At our studio we do not have hot running water in winter or summer. We
have been using something that is used
for heating horses water. I do not know the name of it. It is about 18"
long and cylindrical with holes in it. Within
the cylinder is some kind of heating element. Put it in a 5 gal bucket of
water, plug it in and in minutes we have hot water. Perhaps one of the
horse people on this list can help out with a name. We have been using it
for 3 years without a hitch or problem. Good luck.
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