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ot: re: traffic in london

updated sun 14 jan 01


Earl Brunner on fri 12 jan 01

Well, perhaps I exaggerate or minimize the risks a bit, after all, daily
exposure to anything soon breeds familiarity.
One apartment complex about a 1/4 mile from the primary school where I
teach my "day" job. Has one of the highest murder rates in the valley.
(Some of our kids live in the area). Run down, high crime, drugs,
prostitution, domestic violence, Nice neighborhood. Our teachers stay
away from the area at night.

About 12 years ago there was a corpse on the school grounds one morning
before school...
They finally shut down the crack cocaine house across the street from
the physical education playing field. All the children had to lay on
the ground during a gun fire style altercation there a few years ago.

I figure with a 30 minute commute, I'm fairly well out of it accept when
I'm at work.

Steve Mills wrote:

> In message , Earl Brunner writes
>> Yes well,
>> After awhile you get used to the bullets. I hardly notice I'm dodging
>> them any more. You only have to replace the glass in your car once in
>> awhile!
>> Seriously, you non-north american people don't believe avery thing you
>> see/read in the media and on TV or the movies do you?
> You mean its NOT TRUE!!!!!!
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> Steve Mills
> Bath
> UK
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Earl Brunner